Events Calendar

The Town Council and Parish Council website package includes an advanced Event Management system with a What’s On Calendar for your town or village.

The system allows you to define categories for events, such as Planning Meetings or Scouts, that can be filtered by visitors on the website.

A larger town may want the Town Council website to focus on Council events only, such as dates for Finance and Planning meetings.

A smaller town, village or parish may want to advertise all events for all organisations in the area, thus providing a central point of information on behalf of all local organisations. The decision on the range of events to be published rests with the Council.

The Event Management system also allows you to define repeating events, such as every Wednesday, the 1st Monday of each month, alternate Wednesdays, etc

Each category can have its own colour scheme, as shown below, St Mary’s Church services on Sundays are green:

Events Calendar

All events displayed in the calendar can be clicked to display a dedicated page with all details, for example:

Events Calendar