Agendas and Minutes are the formal documentation for Town and Parish Council meetings.

The Council website package allows you to publish Agendas and Minutes in both MS-Word and PDF format.

However we recommend only publishing in PDF format as not everybody has purchased the commercially licensed MS-Word product. Modern web browsers include built-in Adobe reader software which automatically displays the PDF files.

Agendas and Minutes are added as links in pages that are typically child (sub) pages of the respective Council Committee, as shown below.


This allows visitors to hover over the Committee name on the main menu and click on the Minutes child page.

However that doesn’t have to be the case. With the easy-to-use CMS editing software you are able to directly add links to Agendas and Minutes PDF within the body content of the respective Committee page.

Either way, the Agenda and Minutes PDF can be easily viewed or downloaded from your Council website.

The CouncilĀ  website package also includes an optional archive facility where Agendas and Minutes are automatically archived (grouped) in pages for the month and year when the meeting took place.